Facebook Comment Fully Justifies Flashing Incident

Justified Flashing Cover

My drunken decision to flash these ladies was the right one. Find out why.

A few years back, I logged into Facebook only to be greeted with an image of my partially-clenched buttocks (looking deceptively peachy) surrounded by a group of ladies wincing/laughing/convulsing in shock.

The comment section was brimming with witnesses painting me as some sort of cock-wielding maniac, storming house parties dong-in-palm, twirling my junk at the innocent and the vulnerable.

When, in truth, this was a justified flashing. I set the record straight with a formal statement from the perspective of me and my much criticised dong.

(I have been known to party naked, but mainly when the dress-code is in my hands.)

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Justified Flashing

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