FaceApp’s Latest Filter Will Turn You Asian, White Or Black And People Aren’t Happy

How did this get passed?

A viral app called FaceApp, which uses facial recognition to change a users’ expressions and look, has had to backtrack on its latest update following accusations of racism.

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The Russian selfie app has added filters that mimic the appearance of black, east Asian, Indian and white people. I’m not sure who passed this and how the idea got verified, but predictably there was a huge backlash, forcing it to pull the new filter just hours after it was launched.

The app initially started out by allowing users to look older or younger or add a smile – all pretty innocent. However, yesterday they introduced the racial filter and people were not happy. One commenter likened it to white movie characters in the 20s “rubbing shoe polish on their face”. Here are just some of the comments:

Whoops. FaceApp tried to explain the meaning behind the update:

The ethnicity change filters have been designed to be equal in all aspects. They don’t have any positive or negative connotations associated with them. They are even represented by the same icon. In addition to that, the list of those filters is shuffled for every photo, so each user sees them in a different order.

Regardless of these comments, by 5pm on the same day the makers had pulled the new filter from its app. Hopefully that’s a serious lesson learned.

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