Ezra Miller Has Been Filmed Choking Out A Female Fan Who Wanted To Fight Him

Ezra Miller is cancelled.

Normally when you’re writing about Ezra Miller it’s to do with how they’re non binary and queer and have been spotted walking around wearing makeup or lingerie or generally being a woke icon, but it looks like they might be cancelled after a video emerged of them seemingly choking a female fan to the ground.

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The video was posted on Reddit yesterday but it’s unclear when or where it’s from – someone said something in the background indicates that it’s happening in Reykavik in Iceland – and features a person alleged to be Miller grabbing a female fan, asking her if she wants to fight and then choking her to the ground. You can’t really tell if it’s a joke or actually a serious situation due to the shortness of the video, but the guy filming it’s reaction sounds like Miller has gone a bit off track with their actions.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think:

Yikes. That’s kind of strange and problematic behaviour there from Miller and as they are yet to release a statement about it you kinda assume that it probably is them and there’s some kind of story behind it.

I guess we’ll find out shortly but #EzraMillerIsCancelled is already trending on Twitter so it looks as though the button bashing brigade have already had their say on the matter. Be interesting to see what happens with all this.

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