Extremely Intoxicated Man Urinates All Over Plane

Michael Haag

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.

I’m pretty certain that most of us reading this will have been in a situation when we really needed to pee on a flight, but either someone was in the toilet or the flight was stuck on the runway or something meaning that you can’t go, and as such you’ll know the pain that is associated with trying to hold it in for so long. It’s literally some of the worst pain you could ever experience, often without any sign of release.

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With that in mind, I thought I might be able to sympathise with this guy who got pictured peeing all over his flight last week, but when I heard about his actions and how he was an obnoxious creep, it turns out that I got no time for him whatsoever. Michael Haag was flying from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina last Thursday when he decided to overindulge at the bar beforehand and become a complete and utter menace on the plane.

It began when he tried to grope two female flight attendants and was moved to the back of the plane so he couldn’t bother anyone after they threatened to kill him if he kept touching them. The woman sitting opposite Haag still got annoyed by him though in his new location and decided to take pictures of him when he pulled down his flies and took a leak all over the seat in front of him. Can’t really blame her because that is not cool behaviour in the slightest.

You can check out the picture and her testimony about the incident in the video below:

Gross. If you didn’t watch the video, it looks as if Haag was arrested when the flight touched down in Charleston, but the woman speaking is very critical of the way that Frontier handled the flight and said they should have restrained him or had someone sitting with him and supervising him when they moved him to the back. Kinda have to agree with her, although it does look like he’ll be facing some kind of criminal charges for his behaviour which is good.

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