Extreme Yoga Woman Breaks 110 Bones After Falling From 82 Foot Balcony During Pose


I’m all for people enjoying yoga and extreme sports, but when someone does something as stupid as the woman in this video and gets massively punished for it I’m not as sympathetic.

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We’re over in San Pedro, Mexico for this one where a 23 year old yoga enthusiast has sadly broken 110 bones in her body after plummeting 82 feet from on top of a balcony when she tried to perform an extreme yoga pose and screwed it up. Alexa Terrazas apparently performed the dangerous yoga poses on her balcony all the time and neighbours were used to seeing her, but this time she slipped and it looks like she paid the price.

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Alexa was rushed to hospital and is still in critical condition after enduring 11 hours of surgery in which time her legs, ankles and knees were all reconstructed by surgeons. It’s estimated that she might not be able to walk for three years because her injuries were so bad, but I suppose that she should be counting her blessings to be lucky to be alive following such a dangerous fall.

Obviously what happened to Alexa is fairly tragic and awful, but I can’t help but think if she wasn’t messing around doing yoga poses off an 82 foot balcony then none of this would have happened and she would have been absolutely fine wandering around in San Pedro doing whatever right now. You gotta think before doing something like that and hopefully this story will serve as a warning to anyone else looking to attempt anything similar.

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