Extreme Beach Riot Breaks Out After Tourist Takes Photo Of Woman In Burkini

Riot burkini

Well that escalated.

A serious riot broke out on the French Mediterranean island, Corsica, recently, which has left five people seriously injured.

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The incident occurred after a tourist took a photo of a woman in a burkini, which sparked an argument. A group of men got angry at the tourist for taking the pictures. Local teenagers then intervened to the defence of the tourist and within hours, the group of men had left and come back armed with hatchets and harpoons.

While the locals called for back-up from their families, the group of men allegedly stabbed two of the teenagers. Once the back-up arrived, they brought several visitors who set fire to a car in retaliation.

The two sides then started throwing rocks and stones, before 100 riot police rocked up and sprayed tear gas to break it up.


Five people, including a pregnant woman, were then taken to hospital to treat serious injuries. Mayor Ange-Pierre Vivonie has since released a statement:

It happened because a tourist was taking photos.

And the Maghrebins (North Africans) didn’t want to have their photos taken. It was quite a trivial matter to begin with.

You don’t say – they should’ve just said sorry or whatever and left it there. The beach is meant to be a place for relaxing, not harpooning young kids and setting vehicles on fire. Sounds like everyone involved just needs to chill the fuck out. Same goes for these girls fighting on the streets over a boy.


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