The Best & Worst Footage From The Extinction Rebellion Protests In London



I’m going to be honest with you, this is mainly just a ‘worst of Extinction Rebellion’ post because for all their seemingly positive motivations, the protests shutting down London this week have been an absolute shit show of epic proportions.

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First off, we have the anti capitalist, anti meat Extinction Rebellion crew taking a break from their protesting to eat… at McDonald’s:

OK, you might say maybe they were ordering the vegan options, but even so we’re talking about mega capitalist McDonald’s here – the epitome of basically everything they are supposedly protesting against.

Next up we have the same climate protesters using a diesel generator for power. Whoops?

How about buying and using PVC yoga mats made of petroleum?

Here’s just one person needlessly inconvenienced by the Extinction Rebellion protests:

I mean seriously, get a load of the state of these people who have nothing better to do on a weekday then shut down the busiest part of London with their weird bullshit:

How are this lot going to save the planet again?

You can exchange it for ‘food’ in things called ‘shops’ though. Ever heard of it?

This guy chained himself to a car and then started sobbing into the tarmac:

Has he just found out those children aren’t his or something?

Basically, there’s loads of footage like this doing the rounds on social media which shows what a bunch of hypocritical wasters the majority of these Extinction Rebellion clowns are. At best you could say they are raising awareness about a serious issue, I just don’t know that behaving this way is going to really win anyone over to the cause.

How many of them are serious about saving the planet as opposed to just being real world trolls and nuisances for fun?

For the eco-warrior who glued her TITS to the road at the last Extinction Rebellion protest, click HERE. Making a difference.



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