An Extended ‘Better Call Saul’ Trailer Has Finally Been Released

Better Call Saul

With the air date only a few weeks away, we finally get an idea as to what this show is actually going to be about.

Ever since it was first announced about 18 months ago, we’ve only ever been treated to teaser trailers of Better Call Saul but with its air date only a few short weeks away (February 8th/9th to be exact), we’re finally able to bare witness to an extended trailer for the show.

In the trailer, Saul Goodman is still known as James McGill and we get a bit more of an insight into what his character is all about – it looks like he’s a public defender who’s still getting into the same kind of scrapes that Saul was always getting into, just nowhere near as far gone as Saul is when we first meet him in Breaking Bad. It’s going to be a lot of fun seeing how he ends up like that over the course of however many series they decide to make.


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