Watch These Porn Stars Explain The Grim Reality Of Why They Got Into The Business


The dark side of the porn industry.

Wood Rocket regularly put out videos where they interview porn stars about their experiences, and they’re normally equal parts informative and hilarious, even though they can get a little bit icky too. That isn’t going to stop you watching them though is it?

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The latest instalment is no exception to this rule either, as a whole bunch of porn stars reveal how they decided to get into the business. The stories range from the sublime to the ridiculous, as usual – btw you might want to crack a beer for this one or smoke a spliff or something because it’s 15 minutes long:

OK my favourite answer there is definitely ‘from MySpace’. It’s kind of sad that a few of them got into it because they literally didn’t have any money so it seemed like there was no other option, but if they’re enjoying it and making loads of money then let them be right? It’s not like we’re all not jerking off to it, is it?

If you want more revelations from porn stars, then check out this video where they discuss their worst days on set. Messy.


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