Experts Warn That A Zombie Outbreak Would Only Take Six Months To Wipe Out Humanity

Absolutely no chance of survival.

Even though it looks like an absolutely awful way of living in shows like ‘The Walking Dead’, everyone out there probably secretly wishes that they were involved in a zombie outbreak. Let’s just face it, a life of wandering around shooting zombies all the time does sound kind of fun – until you’re actually living it that is.

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Well, there’s good news out there in that even if we were involved in one, humanity would probably be eradicated before it stopped becoming fun. A study conducted at the University Of Leicester has determined that the whole of humanity would probably be eradicated within six months of the outbreak beginning.

The university developed a mathematical model which predicted that after 100 days of the beginning of the zombie plague, there would only be 100 survivors and after six months those people would either be dead or turned into zombies themselves. However, the researchers were careful to note that their model was flawed as it hadn’t taken into account the fact that humans would be able to fight back against the zombies.

As such, we might last a bit longer, but ultimately it’s probably going to be curtains. Here’s how the panel concluded their research:


Natural birth and death rates have been neglected since the epidemic takes place over 100 days, so the natural births and deaths are negligible compared to the impact of the zombie virus over the short time frame.

We also assumed that a zombie will turn one person into a zombie each day with a 90 percent probability, meaning that each zombie is able to find a person every day. As the zombie to human ratio increases, this becomes less realistic. A more developed model might vary.

We have also not included the possibility for the humans to kill the zombies, which may give the humans a better chance at survival.

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Yeah, I still don’t think I’m overly confident of making it out alive. Let’s hope we don’t actually have to ever find out and can just continue living that kind of life through TV shows occasional visits to zombie walk attractions, like the new ‘The Walking Dead’ ride over in Universal Studios. Click here to watch a walkthrough of it.


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