Experts Claim That Humans Will Choose To Live In Virtual Reality In The Future

Virtual reality

‘Black Mirror’ predicts the future yet again.

Tech company AMD has predicted that virtual reality will one day be so advanced that humans will choose to live in computer simulations.

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AMD, which makes chips that are used in Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, has said that they are already planning for the future where, “actual life and virtual reality are indistinguishable”. This all sounds frighteningly similar to the ‘San Junipero’ episode of ‘Black Mirror’. Charlie Brooker’s done it again.

Black Mirror

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Although this concept has been faced with criticism, AMD’s corporate vice president, Roy Taylor, spoke at the virtual reality conference in Bristol this week to counter argue the apprehension:

To get to photo realism is the next big step, to get to full presence is where we need to get afterwards, when actual life will be indistinguishable from virtual reality.

He added that although it seems farfetched, VR headset sales reached nearly one billion last year and 2016 saw the birth of a VR cinema, VR surgery and the use of VR to settle a case in court. It certainly seems like this technology is becoming more and more advanced at a rapid rate.


As it stands, the technology and software isn’t developed enough to seem like the user is in real life, but it’s only a matter of time before companies develop this kind of technology.

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If this is the case and we do all end up living in computer simulations, I’m choosing to live in a world where David Attenborough is my best mate. Can’t wait.


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