Expert Claims No One Actually Believes In Religion, Not Even Priests

The Pope and Priests

“It’s just preposterous.”

An author has made claims that deep down no one really believes in the fundamentals of religion, not even nuns and priests.

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Atheist author Graham Lawton made the announcement during a talk at London’s recent ExCel to promote his new book ‘How to be Human’. He added that people don’t really believe that there’s a kind old man in the sky looking down on us, arguing that this is a “preposterous” idea that no one could truthfully accept:

If you ask quite religious people about the claims that are made by religion – like the fact that god’s watching you – they don’t really believe that.

This is because it’s preposterous – some of the things that are in the bible are just crazy.

He also went on to state that while people might believe in the idea of God, no one could possibly accept that the Bible was a factually accurate document.


I mean, the man’s got a point. There is obviously a lot about this universe and the history of time that we as humans can’t comprehend, but to believe that humans all came from Adam and Eve and that these two lived in a garden full of talking animals is just ridiculous. Of course, you can’t dismiss that certain things in the Bible did happen, but a lot of the miraculous stories are probably metaphors for a more realistic truth. The same goes for every other religion.

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