This Is The Moment A Man Apparently Became Possessed During A Real Life Exorcism (VIDEO)


May the power of Christ compel you.

Exorcisms are a dangerous game from what I’ve seen in the movies, with any amount of variables that could screw them up or make them go wrong. This is apparently one of those situations, but in real life.

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This is a classic LiveLeak video in that there’s absolutely no context for it and just a one line description, which in this case is ‘exorcism gone wrong’. That’s all I got going into this video so it’s all you’re going to get as well:

Kind of a weird situation right? I guess that the evil spirit had actually possessed that other dude sitting down and he was trying to prevent the shaman/priest/whatever from performing the ritual on the other guy? Either that or he dropped some bath salts or something, not really sure.

In fact, I’ve got no real idea, other than the guy starts going crazy and attacking everyone – I guess the only real explanation is that he was actually possessed by the demon, of course. Hope they managed to sort it all out over there because it looks like a pretty messy situation to be in.

For more exorcisms, check out this video of a real life exorcist which is as gross as you would expect it to be. Seriously.


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