New 12-Step Website ‘Exaholics’ Will Help You Get Over Your Ex In No Time

By treating breakups like addictions, new website provides a 12-step program designed to help you get over your ex.

By treating breakups like addictions, new website provides a 12-step program modelled after Alcoholicc Anonymous, that aims to help you get over your ex if it’s already been a few weeks/months/years (?) and you still can’t seem to go a day without thinking about them.

Creator Lisa Bobby explained:

An exaholic has a very difficult time moving on. They’re hooked into the relationship, and it’s difficult for them to heal and move on. They will use words like ‘devastation’ and talk about the loss — they tend to think fairly obsessively about their ex and have trouble in day-to-day life as a result of that.

On the site, you get to share problems/advice with fellow exaholics, and read inspiring articles and tops posted by experts.

I’m not going to try and act like a tough guy. Getting over an ex is shit — we’ve all been there. We’ve all obsessively checked Facebook pages and gone through pictures and done the whole online stalking thing. Everyone knows it’s tough to move on from someone.

But if you get to the point where you’re referring to yourself as an ‘exaholic’ and you need a 12-step program to get over you ex you are either a humongous pussy/complete psycho or both. Seeking a doctor/rehab to get over an ex is just plain bonkers.

Think about it — this person essentially told you to go fuck yourself. Maybe not in those words and maybe they had some great reasons and let you down super easy. But all that is is just sugar-coating what your ex is really saying — “I don’t really like you anymore.”

Are you really going to respond to that by becoming some twerp who logs onto a site named Fuck no — you grow a pair and go fuck someone new, at most maybe just hope your ex fails in their professional/romantic/social life if it makes you feel better. But anything beyond that is just extreme.

You don’t have an ‘addiction’ to your ex and you don’t have a ‘problem’ — you just need to block his/her ass on all your social media sites, stop being such a lunatic and move on.


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