Ex-KGB Spy Killed Four Months After Claiming Vladimir Putin Was A Paedophile


Traitors will be silenced.

A former KGB spy was assassinated just four months after accusing Vladimir Putin of being a paedophile.

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A report into Alexander Litvinenko’s death looked at the “highly personal attacks” on the Russian president, which concluded with an article on the Chechenpress website in July 2006, four months before he was poisoned.

The article, which was used as evidence in the report, recounted a meeting between Putin and a boy “aged four or five” in a square near the Kremlin. Litvinenko wrote:

Putin kneeled, lifted the boy’s T-shirt and kissed his stomach.

Nobody can understand why the Russian president did such a strange thing as kissing the stomach of an unfamiliar small boy.


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He also added that the president himself found, “videotapes in the FSB Internal Security directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys.”

The 300 page report concludes that Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun poisoned Litvinenko with radioactive polonium and that there was a strong probability that the Russian secret service ordered the killing.

It certainly looks pretty fucking suspicious. The only thing is, these facts were all from one guy and we don’t have any confirmation aside from this report that Litvinenko’s assassination was because of what he wrote about Putin. But it does all seem to point in that direction. Unfortunately nothing has come from this report as of yet – I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who wrote it ended up poisoned too. Putin is one shady motherfucker after all. Putin, if you’re reading this, we ain’t accusing you of anything.


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