Ex-Harry Potter Podcast Host Trying To Chat Up A Girl Over Twitter/Facebook Is The Lamest Pick Up Attempt Of All Time

Here’s how NOT to get the girl who friended you on Facebook when she was 14.

Grace Spelman was working on some lame list for Buzzfeed one day when suddenly a man that she’d friended on Facebook at age 14 while she was a Harry Potter fan decided to get in touch with her. He used to host a popular Harry Potter podcast called ‘MuggleCast’.

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Spelman reckons that the guy in question, Ben Schoen, saw one of her Buzzfeed articles and realised they were friends on Facebook. He decided to initiate contact with her… and it all went down hill from there.

Here’s the first message she sent him on Facebook, along with her reply:

Ben Fail

So you’d think that’s the end of it. He made his cringey move over Facebook and she told him she has a boyfriend. They can both move on with their lives, right?

Unfortunately, Grace decided to defriend Ben as well. Maybe a bit unnecessary, but whatever. Ben took it very badly though and began a Twitter message onslaught:

Ben Twitter Fail

Er, OK then. I mean he’s right about one thing — Buzzfeed is the worst website ever but it’s one of the most popular ones out there so not really something you can cuss someone about. Trying to make her feel like she made a massive mistake defriending him though? Messaging her again after she’s just blatantly turfed him over Facebook? Come on mate, grow a pair.

Grace ignored his Tweets, but he followed up with yet ANOTHER message, this time to her e-mail which I guess he found via one of Grace’s articles:

Ben Grace Fail

Blimey. She probably freaked out as soon as she saw the length of that e-mail, never mind reading his attempt to convince her to get to know him after he’d been harassing her all this time.

Anyway, Grace decided to expose the guy, because that’s what happens when you pull this kind of shit in 2015:

And so on, sharing all the Facebook messages/ Tweets/ e-mails that we’ve shown you above.

Properly named and shamed and picking up some flak from Grace’s supporters, Ben had everyone worried for a second with this Tweet:

Except he carried on Tweeting, then sent this message to the Daily Dot who originally covered the story:


Time to take some time off I reckon. Maybe a nice holiday somewhere, stay off Twitter and Facebook and social media in general. And learn to take “thanks but no thanks” for an answer.

Next time he’ll find himself on our rundown of the Top 10 Worst Pick Up Lines Ever.


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