Ex-Area 51 Worker Spills The Beans While They Were Blackout Drunk In Las Vegas


Stay woke.

Area 51 is one of the most secretive areas in the whole entire world, and everyone knows about the rumours that surround it regarding alien lifeforms, whilst nobody actually knows the truth.

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Imagine though if you ended up by a random twist of fate living next to a retired Area 51 worker. Much like the guy in this video, I would try and pump him for information every chance I got and I imagine he would keep his mouth shut most of the time for fear of winding up murdered for spilling the beans.

But then one day, you might end up completely wasted with him due to a blackout in Las Vegas, and he might end up recounting his story, just like this guy experienced. Like him, I imagine you would be all ears:

OK, so it’s not exactly the most convincing story but that kind of makes it seem like it might actually be true rather than just some guy making something up to get YouTube subscriptions. Maybe he’s just that good an actor though. Or alternatively, maybe the dude was just wasted and decided to fuck with him a bit. Anything is possible.

If you’re not convinced that something fishy is going on in Area 51, check out this video of some guys trying to break in. You don’t wanna try and do that.


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