Is This The Scariest Movie Ever?

The remake of the previously baned 80’s horror classic takes it to a whole other level.

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I bloody love horror films. Especially those that are sickly entertaining in a way that has you questioning what kind of upbringing you might of had to enjoy this stuff so much. For a couple of years horror films were pretty much my forte and I became my friends’ personal Blockbusters before we discovered watching films on the Internet for free. So, desensitised to the gore of the Saw films and the Human Centipede, which had little impact on me other than slight amusement and confusion, I haven’t been genuinely scared by gore since Eli Roth stamped his name all over the genre.

So when I saw the red band trailer for ‘Evil Dead’, I was more than excited. I actually watched it five times that day – It was a great distraction from revision. Without giving too much away, that girl under the floor boards actually scares the shit out of me but the worst/best bit is right at the end- kind of makes me shudder thinking about it. It had been a ridiculously long time since I’d seen a trailer that got me scared and genuinely excited simultaneously.

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If you haven’t already heard of ‘Evil Dead’ already, it’s a remake of the 1980’s classic that was originally banned for a then ‘outrageous’ rape scene involving an evil tree. The premise is that a group of teens awaken a demonic force that surrounds them in the nearby woods and possesses their souls one by one. So it’s basically about an abandoned cabin, in the woods, where some teens do exactly what they are told not to do which results in each of their gory deaths. Yes it really does sound like Cabin in the Woods but hey, if something sells.

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I’ve only seen half of the original film but from the looks of the trailer the new one is a lot darker, which it would have to be to entertain us screwed up youths of today.  Sam Raimi wrote and produced both the original and this sequel so it won’t be a cheesy rip off, not that you can get much cheesier than the original anyway. He’s also known for producing Xena: Warrior Princess, funnily enough.

If it is anything like Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell, I reckon Evil Dead will be ridiculous and horrific. It’s bound to carry aspects of comedy from the original film, but not so much to override the horror. As long as this trailer isn’t just a mashed together collection of the best bits but rather a taster of what’s to come, it should be bloody awesome.

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