Crazy Russian Evgeny Chebotarev Just Pulled Off One Of The Most Insane Stunts Ever (VIDEO)

This guy’s got skills.

I came across this video on Steve-O’s Instagram page featuring his crazy Russian buddy Evgeny Cheboratev, and boy this guy would have fit right in with the Jackass boys back in the day if this stunt is anything to go by.

At first I thought it might have been fake, but turns out it’s totally real. Watch below:

Jesus Christ! You can see how big the potential is for that stunt to go brutally wrong and cut the guy up into pieces, so it’s a good thing he was doing a bunch of practice runs in the weeks leading up to the event (and sharing them online too).

As you can see, they didn’t always go to plan…

Ouch! Did that put him off trying again and again? Nope:

And again…

Aaaand again…

Until he finally nailed it:

He’s pretty happy about his accomplishment judging by the Instagram caption (shout out Google Translate):

Thanks to everyone who believed in me! It was a very difficult test for me. No fucking nothing is possible, the main thing is to want, lift your ass and do it! Special thanks to the driver @ bes_606 !!! He did a great job, because he could not move even 3 cm from the middle of the barrel. Today I celebrate because I stayed alive.

Just goes to show that repetition is key and even when you keep falling over and busting your face open, you just have to get back up and keep on trying. Even when it’s something as crazy and dangerous as this. Makes David Blaine and his little balloon stunt look super lame TBH.

For the coked up banker who tried an insane swimming pool stunt on his 30th birthday and ended up obliterating himself, click HERE. That’s gonna leave a mark.


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