Everything Chris Klein Says In ‘The Legend Of Chun Li’

Remember Oz from American Pie? What the hell happened to his career? Answer: He ended up in a movie about a Street Fighter character.

Remember Oz from American Pie? You know the lacrosse playing jock who joins the choir and had great lines like ‘suck me, beautiful.’ What the hell happened to his career huh? I mean I guess it went so bad for his career (and his character) that he wasn’t even featured in American Pie 3. Although that was easily the worst one so maybe it was for the  best.

Anyway, it turns out that missing out on the third in the trilogy wasn’t a career low, as he also managed to feature in a spin off movie from the Street Fighter Video game called ‘The Legend of Chun Li.’ Sounds pretty epic huh? Well, no, not really. I haven’t seen it but I have seen ‘Everything Chris Klein Says In The Legend Of Chun Li’ and from this you can tell that it has B- Movie written all over it. If you couldn’t tell that already from the title that is.

Some of Klein’s lines in this are pure gold, and are only matched by his delivery: ‘Gangland Homicide, goddamn I love this job,’ ‘You can call me Nash,’ ‘His name’s Bison – I’ve tracked him through 11 major cities on 4 continents and I’ve never come close, not even once. This guy walks through the raindrops.’ ‘Get me a fix on the helicopter leaving my location. Nash out’

Unfortunately, as the video is only a couple of minutes long it seems like he didn’t have much of a role in the movie. This is kind of hard to believe given his performance and how awesome the character of Nash seems to be but I guess you can’t argue with the title of the video. Klein’s performance has been described as inexplicable, coked up and sub Nicolas-Cagian and if you watch this video I think you’lll understand why. It’s phenomenal stuff. Although unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have helped his career much.

Still, at least Klein has American Reunion to look forward to. Maybe that will get his career back on track.

Check out ‘Everything Chris Klein Says In The Legend Of Chun Li’ below:


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