Everyone’s Super Pissed At Katy Perry For Posting This Naked Election Video


“Let those babies loose.”

So on Monday Katy Perry promised the world that she would “use her body as click bait” and publish a naked video of herself to get people voting.

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And she did… kind of.

Basically Katy did follow though and post the video, but the bits everyone actually wanted to see (i.e. the tits and vagina) were completely censored. Bit of a cop out if you ask me.

Thinking about it, that is the ultimate form of click bait, isn’t it? She told people she’d post a naked video of herself and she did, but it was censored. But everyone clicked nonetheless. And I guess in a sense, this is clickbait too, because you wanted to see the video. We clickbaited the clickbait – it’s like Inception.

Anyway, I don’t know if this video actually helped with the election in any way, but I doubt it would have done, titties or not.

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