Katy Perry Is Going To Release A Naked Video Of Herself Today


“I will use my body as click bait.”

Katy Perry has promised to release a naked video of herself in order to get votes for the upcoming U.S. election. You’d better be a woman who sticks to her word Katy.

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The singer, who is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, released a still from the video yesterday, which shows her walking through a polling station completely naked. She posted it on Twitter with the caption:

Tomorrow, I use my body as click bait to help change the world.

Yesterday was the day of the U.S. Presidential debate. When discussing what she’d like to hear during the debates, she said:

National security, gun control, police reform, excess incarceration and women’s rights.


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Fair play to her. I’m sure it would be a lot more successful than the regular campaign videos. And good on her for voting for the Democrats – Hillary’s a damn sight better than Trump. Although as ‘South Park’ recently said, it is a bit like choosing between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.


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