Everyone Was Really Pissed Off That Phoebe Bridgers Smashed A Guitar On Saturday Night Live

Why is everyone so butthurt about this?

Not really sure how well known this is in this country, but it’s pretty much a sign that you’ve made it in the music world over in America if you perform on Saturday Night Live and this honour was bestowed on alt rock/indie queen Phoebe Bridgers over the weekend.

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Naturally, she wanted to make a big impact during her performance and so decided to smash her guitar live on stage during her final song ‘I Know The End’ like so many other rock stars have done before her. You can take a look at both of the songs she performed and the guitar smash below:

Now, I’ll be honest – I think her guitar smash was fairly lame but that’s mainly because she didn’t actually manage to smash it up that much and it just came across looking kind of half hearted in comparison to when people like Kurt Cobain and Joe Strummer did it in the past. However, I still think it’s pretty cool that she did it and I am in no way going to criticise her for her decision to do this like so many people on Twitter seemed desperate to after watching her on Saturday night. Get a load of this:

Geez. People really don’t have anything better to dunk on one of the most critically and poplarly acclaimed artists of the year hey? Definitely seems like a lot of people are angry about the fact that she’s a woman doing this considering that so many famous men have done it in the past and just been hailed as badasses for doing so.

I said I thought Phoebe’s effort was a bit lame – especially when you find out that the guitar and monitor were both built especially for her to destroy – but I still think she looked cool and it’s a pretty iconic moment for her on Saturday Night Live. Don’t know why so many people had to drag her for it, but there were a hell of a lot of people saying that they thought it was cool and awesome for her too. Sadly, it’s always these assholes that seem to get the most coverage.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity though and it certainly got everyone talking so it’s probably a win win for Phoebe Bridgers. Go listen to her if you haven’t already.

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