Event Horizon Is Being Remade Into A TV Show

The cult gothic space horror gets a makeover.

Event Horizon is one of those strange anomalies – a movie that was a critical and commercial flop on release, but somehow managed to become a massive sleeper hit when it came to DVD sales some years afterwards.

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As such, most people reading this will probably know the gory and bloody story of a lost spaceship that somehow brought back the legions of hell itself in its massive structure and then massacred everyone that tried to rescue them and will probably be pretty stoked to hear that the movie is being rebooted as a TV show. Adam Wingard is the man set to attempt to adapt the tale and his credentials are fairly up to scratch for this kind of project -he’s previously been responsible for You’re Next, The Guest, Blair Witch and Death Note, all of which range from passable to brilliant.

Not much is currently known about the new project except that Wingard is set to direct it and executively produce and that it’s going to be overseen by Paramount and Amazon. Wingard is currently finishing off Godzilla V Kong which is due out sometime in 2020, so realistically we’re probably not going to get this for a couple of years at least. Good to know that it’s on the horizon though hey (sorry).

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