MMA Fighter Who Had PokeBall Thown At Him Has Also Fractured His Skull (NSFL)

The most horrific X-ray I’ve ever seen.

The other day we asked how Evangelista Santos’s weekend could get any worse after he was KO’d by Michael Page and then suffered the ultimate disrespect when Page rolled a Pokeball at him.

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Well the worst news was yet to come for Santos – the poor guy’s skull got FRACTURED when Page blasted him with the flying knee KO:

When you look at it again you see that Santos’ head was flying forward as Page threw the knee, so he essentially headbutted a knee coming at full-speed. I need 5 minutes to recover any time I bang my head on a low ceiling so I can’t imagine how much that must’ve hurt.

His X-ray might just be the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen:


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Somehow the guy still has a smile on his face even after a triple whammy of getting defeated, having a Pokeball thrown at him, and fracturing his skull:


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Meanwhile the rest of us are crying about our residual weekend hangover and having to go into work when it’s hot outside. Could be worse – you could have a DENT in your skull.

Which is worse though, that or having your EAR explode mid-fight (also NSFL)?


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