Eva Longoria Is Directing A Cheetos Movie Called ‘Flamin’ Hot’

The next golden age of cinema.

We’ve had an influx of really stupid ideas for movies based around inanimate objects recently such as the Emoji Movie, Playmobil Movie and LEGO movie (Lego movie is obviously really sick and the other ones are probably pretty good but come on the whole concept is stupid) and this has led to the next natural step in the progression: Eva Longoria directing a Cheetos movie called ‘Flamin Hot’.

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For those of you wondering about how a movie could be based around a packet of crisps, then don’t worry because it’s not actually going to be about that – fooled ya. It’s actually going to be be a pretty serious biopic of the man who invented Cheetos, a guy named Richard Montanez.

Here’s the official plot summary, courtesy of Deadline:

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Richard rose from humble beginnings to achieve the American Dream: The son of a Mexican immigrant, Richard was a janitor at Frito-Lay when he came up with the idea for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

His creation, inspired by the flavors of his community, revitalized the company and disrupted the food industry, creating a pop culture phenomenon that continues today.

Yeah that will probably be quite good actually and way better than the Cheetos movie I thought we were going to get, with some dumb Cheetos fighting over a girl Cheeto or running a race or seeing who could be the hottest or something. This concept actually makes sense. Hope Eva Longoria can do it right.

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