‘Eurotrash’ Will Return For One Night Only On The Eve Of Brexit Referendum

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At least one good thing might come from Brexit.

Channel 4 have capitalised on the current hype surrounding the Brexit referendum by deciding to bring back one of their most loved television shows for one night only. That’s right, ‘Eurotrash’ will be returning very soon.

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If you’re anything like me then you would have tried to stay up late watching ‘Eurotrash’ on a Friday night hoping that your parents didn’t catch you, yet not really understanding what was going on because you were way too young to know what half of the crude sex stuff they were talking about actually meant. If you’re anything like me you would have thought it was hilarious too.

If you’ve never seen ‘Eurotrash’ then well, you’re in for a treat. Antoine de Caunes and Jean Paul Gaultier are set to return and the idea behind it is for them to remind their ‘straight-laced British chums’ of the ‘many, varied and occasionally alarming cultural delights enjoyed by our European cousins.’ The Brexit show promises to bring together an assortment of ‘crazy continentals’ from across Europe to remind the people of Britain that ‘without them, we really are just a very sad and insignificant little island with bad food and terrible teeth.’

It’s possible that the screening of this special episode of ‘Eurotrash’ could actually swing the Brexit vote – which way though I’m not entirely sure as I really don’t know whether people are going to want to be more involved with Europe or completely detached from them after watching it. I’m thinking probably the latter considering its wacky and offbeat perception of European life.

Either way, it’s great that it’s actually coming back on the air, even if it is just for one show. The air date hasn’t been announced yet but it’s expected to be June 23rd. If you need a reminder of how wacky and weird it was, check out the highlights reel above.

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