Etihad’s New ‘Residence Experience’ Is The Most Luxurious Flight Of All Time

Etihad Residence Experience

For a cool $32,000.

Etihad recently launched the  A380 flight from New York to Dubai and this includes the option of what they’re calling ‘The Residence Experience’. For a cool $32,000, it looks like you get one of the most insane situations that you can ever imagine from flying on a plane.

The flight itself looks like everything that you would imagine first class to be like, only a million times better. Your bags get delivered in a separate car from you to the airport, you hang out in your own humongous room at the airport, and then when you get on the plane you have a three room apartmentto hang out in for the duration of your flight with your own butler. There’s probably a few more perks in there too.

Professional blogger The Points Guy was lucky enough to take part in the first flight on this route, and detailed his experience in the short documentary below. As you can imagine, it looks completely dope:

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OK, so I’m sure you’ve got to agree that even though that looked like the absolute sickest flight of all time up in there, the fact that the airline forgot his bag was definitely the best part of the video. I mean how the hell do they advertise this service and get this dude in to review the first ever flight and make such a basic error? Absolutely ridiculous.

If anyone from Etihad happens to be reading this, please do hit us up and offer us a flight with the Residence experience, it looks dope. If you’re flying over this holiday period, then check out these airport hacks to get the most out of the situation.


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