There’s An Escaped Tiger On The Loose On A Motorway In Qatar (VIDEO)

Just your casual everyday commute in the Middle East.

Just your casual morning commute over in the Middle East featuring an escaped tiger prowling across three lanes of traffic.

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This wannabe hero is lucky he’s dealing with a baby tiger otherwise I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have a head attached to his shoulders anymore:

LOL @ this guy promising everyone he won’t put the video on social media. Classic:

The animal turned out to be an escaped pet and was eventually captured and bundled into the back of a lorry.

Columnist Sultan Al-Qassemi wrote:

This obsession of keeping wild animals by rich kids in the Gulf has gone too far.

Quite right there. It’s literally just a situation where these kids are so rich they don’t know what else to spend their money on. Too much money in a country where it’s way too easy to buy yourself a pet tiger.

Over in India, here’s what happened to a man who decided to jump into the tiger enclosure at Delhi zoo (NSFL).


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