BASE Jumper Erik Roner Gets Lifted 8000 Feet In The Air On An Old Lawn Chair

Erik Roner BASE Jump Lawn Chair

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying off into the sky in a lawn chair before?

Not content with jumping out of a hot air balloon with a patio umbrella a la Mary Poppins, BASE jumper Erik Roner continues to push the envelope with his ridiculous extreme videos. In this one, he ascends into the sky on an old lawn chair attached to a whole bunch of balloons.

In order to do it, he got 50 tanks of helium and 100 balloons and then blew them up, attached them to the lawn chair and then let them off. Erik also took a shotgun with him on the trip to make it look even more badass/ridiculous.

In fairness to the guy the shotgun actually did serve a purpose – he had to shoot the balloons with it in order to get down. Even though Erik’s probably used to doing stuff like this all the time, it freaks me out just watching the video when he’s literally just sitting there in his lawn chair 8000 feet in the air firing shotgun pellets at the only things that are keeping him suspended up there. Balls of steel.


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