Eric Cantona Wants To Be The Next England Manager

Eric Cantona

Why not?

One of the hot topics for debate down your local boozer this Friday night will be regarding the identity of the next England manager, with almost nobody agreeing on anything except for the fact that Gareth Southgate is a bad idea and whoever is appointed will continue the country’s shambolic record in international tournaments.

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But one candidate has thrown his name into the hat, and it just might be the solution we’re looking for: Eric Cantona.

Hmmm. I mean I guess this is probably a joke and he doesn’t really want the job – I don’t think he has any experience in football management does he? – but damn if most of the things he says in that video aren’t qualities that we would all want the next England manager to possess. 100% guarantee that he won’t though.

To be honest I’m backing Cantona – he can’t be any worse than any of the other dumb twats we’ve had since I’ve been alive. Here he is pulling off a completely tekkers rugby shot, proof he can do whatever he sets his mind to.


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