English Hooligan Banned From Every Football Game In the Country Thanks To This Footage

Sam De Larue

Barred for life.

An Ipswich Town fan has been banned from every football ground in the UK and all England international games for the next three years thanks to his threatening behaviour.

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23-year-old Sam De Larue from Colchester was given the ban at South East Magistrates’ court this week due to his conviction involving threatening behaviour as well as being drunk and disorderly at an Ipswich vs. Nottingham Forest match last year.

During the court case, a video was show of Sam getting involved in the Euro 2016 riots in Marseille, France.

Further evidence that contributed to Sam’s ban came from police constable Ian Rowland, Suffolk police’s football officer, who said that Sam had been on their radar for a while after he set off a smoke bomb at a game in Norwich. Basically, he sounds like an absolute nuisance:

I believe the defendant has demonstrated he is likely to be involved in football-related disorder and violence.

The footage speaks for itself.

Well, it looks like Sam won’t be causing any more trouble – at least not for three years, anyway. The order means he has to hand in his passport to Colchester police in the run up to any England international game and he mustn’t come within two miles of Portman or Carrow Road, for four hours either side of a game on match days. Gutted mate.

It’s probably in his best interest to be barred from attending the World Cup 2018 – it looks like Russian football hooligans have got a lot in store for the English fans.


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