It seems that the failings of our national team begin at a young age. Check out this comedy goal that meant we only drew with Canada.

I don’t know how many people are bothering to follow the England Under 17’s World Cup in Mexico right now – probably nobody because it’s a pretty shitty tournament that’s only being covered on Eurosport which I’m pretty sure nobody watches anymore ever – but there was a real LOL moment in the England V Canada match the other day. England were winning 2-1 (the LOL moment wasn’t that Canada scored unfortunately) in the 89th minute and this result would have guaranteed their progress into the knockout rounds of the competition. But in typically English fashion, the defence and goalkeeper managed to fluff their lines and let in a comedy goal to end up with an embarrassing draw with a crappy footballing country like Canada – I think the most famous player Canada has ever produced is probably Tomasz Radzinski or maybe Paul Peschisolido which kind of says it all. Anyway this is a really bad goal. Really embarrassing.

The Canadian goalkeeper Quillan Roberts (yeah, Quillan, that’s his name) has the ball in his own half and walks it up the field a bit and then launches it up the field as his team search for the equaliser. They didn’t really need to look any further than Quillan Roberts though. The ball travels through the air, nobody on either team heads it or kicks it or controls it in any way and it bounces on the edge of the area and bounces over the head of England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford into the net. Pretty embarrassing and pretty English right? Hopefully we’ll have some moments like this to look forward to in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. You can check out full highlights of the match below:


The Canadian coach Sean Fleming offered the (unintentionally?) hilarious analysis of the goal: ‘We knew England was a great side. We bent, but we didn’t break In this game. Football is a funny game and we got a good bounce today after not getting the bounces in our first game.’ Looks like the national game over there is in good hands.

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