The Cast Of This Is England Are Starting Their Own Clubnight

This Is England Club

Party the night away with Lol, Milky, Shaun and Gadget.

This Is England is one of the country’s most loved television series of recent years, so it obviously makes perfect sense that it would eventually be turned into a club night right?

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Last season the gang started hitting up clubs, so this Saturday you can turn up to legendary Manchester venue Sankeys and party with them yourself. A dream come true for many people reading this I’m sure.

The playlist will feature everything from  skinhead to ska, reggae, classic 1980 indie, 1990s Madchester, rave, and Acid House and Thomas Turgoose (Shaun), Andrew Ellis (Gadget) and Andy Shim (Milky) will all be making appearances. DJ Jonny Walsh mans the decks in the indie themed main room, whereas Allister Whitehead and K Klass will handle the rave in room 2. All for the cheap price of £8 on the door or £6 in advance.

This Is England Crew

OK, so essentially this is just a 90s night with some people from one of your favourite TV shows standing around at the decks trying not to look like they’re absolutely hating it being there, but I bet there are still hundreds of people that are absolutely stoked about this and the thing will be an absolute sellout with people queuing round the block trying to get in. Just throw some TV stars at the failing club night and it’ll turn into a success, it’s a no brainer, right?

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Whilst this might be slightly crass, at least we know that there’s going to be a final This Is England movie so we can see the gang off properly.


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