An Employee Of The ‘World’s Tallest Swing Ride’ Has Fallen 200 Foot To His Death Performing A Safety Check


The thing about rollercoasters is that they’re supposed to be scary but they’re also supposed to be safe, so when something like this story happens it makes us all very uneasy about going on one of them again.

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We’re over in Orland for this one, where 21 year old Jacob David Kaminsky was performing a routine safety check on the 450 foot tall StarFlyer ride at Florida’s ICON Park when he plummeted 200 feet to his death. The youngster was climbing up the side of the ride to check that everything was safe when he fell off the ladder and landed on the first platform.

StarFlyer’s Director of Marketing and Sales John Stine has revealed that the theme park is working with local law enforcement to try and ascertain how the tragic accident took place:

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It’s a shock and we’re saddened by it. Anytime there is an injury or something of this nature, it’s extremely sad.

We are cooperating and working with all investigations, including (that of the) Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and will remain closed until everything is completed.

RIP. It kinda sounds like he just fell somehow but I would have thought that he would have been required to have some kind of safety harness installed if that was the case, but maybe it malfunctioned or he didn’t have it set up correctly. I guess we’ll find out in the coming days. Thoughts with his friends and family.

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