Emmanuel Adebayor Stars In Weird Energy Drink Advert

Emmanuel Adebayor Power Horse

Apparently this was filmed a few years ago so I’ve got no idea why it’s only started to come to people’s attentions just now because it’s fvcking hilarious and gross and kinda creepy at the same time.

Firstly I’ve got no idea why there is an energy drink called Power Horse – I mean clearly it’s aimed at English speaking people with a name like that but I have never, ever heard of it before, although apparently it was advertised on the billboards when Spurs played Panathinaikos a couple of weeks ago in the Europa League – and secondly I’ve got no idea why anybody thought that getting Emmanuel Adebayor to star in an advert for it and try and promote it was a good idea either.

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Thirdly, I can’t believe that whoever made this advert thought it was actually good enough to release it and that its existence would actually benefit the product. As somebody in the YouTube comments has said ‘this advert makes me want to actively avoid this drink’ and I kind of agree with them, it’s just really stupid.

I mean the start of it is OK when Adebayor is doing some kickups – which is just standard footballers in adverts really, although it’s kind of weird that he’s just in some kinda video game level or whatever – but he just looks so weird and unattractive with his long gangly legs that you wonder why the hell Power Horse even wanted him to be in the advert. It gets a bit more cringeworthy when he drinks a Power Horse, crushes the can – badass – and then proceeds to do some kick ups with that and slam it into the screen. So far, so every single advert starring a footballer ever. Oh yeah he also does a little sexy dance which is completely gross and nobody should ever have to see. Seriously.

But then at the end is the piece de resistance where a close up of Adebayor’s face tells you to ‘TAKE IT ON’ but his English is so garbled that it has to appear in massive block capitals by his face anyway. And boy, what a face. I don’t know what the director told him to look like in it but it probably wasn’t like a rapist so I’m surprised they left it in. In fact I’m surprised Power Horse hasn’t gone bust yet on the back of this advert. If anyone in Greece reads this, send us a can, we’re eager to TAKE IT ON.

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Check out the video below:

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