Emma Watson’s Latest Movie Only Managed To Pull In £47 In Its Opening Weekend

Emma Watson


Emma Watson has had a fairly prolific career following the demise of the ‘Harry Potter’ series, but when her obituary is written one day they might want to skip out the part where she played her first bona fide lead role in a movie called ‘The Colony’. The reason? Because it only made £47 on its opening weekend in the UK and has been almost universally panned by critics.

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In fairness to Watson, the movie only opened on three screens in the whole of the UK and was released simultaneously as a video on demand option too, but even so that means that only about 4 people went to see it all weekend. That’s pretty pathetic.

The movie also has a 21% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which isn’t so good. Here’s a trailer to it – it tells the story of a woman who tries to rescue her husband from a deadly cult by joining it herself:

That actually looked pretty good to me? If I had known it was out maybe I would have gone and seen it and bounced up that box office total. I suppose now I can always just get it on demand if I ever want to see it, but honestly it looks pretty tense and exciting and even sexy in parts so it must be pretty bad if everyone is hating it and even the distributors didn’t want to play it anywhere.

Don’t fret about Emma Watson either – her career should be OK after this bomb because she’s got the live action version of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ coming out soon as well as a movie called ‘The Circle’ with Tom Hanks and John Boyega. Both of them are bound to be massive smashes, right? Well, at least Emma Watson will be hoping so.

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