Man Re-Words Eminem’s Stan And Creates The Perfect Unemployment Anthem

Did this guy just write a better song than Eminem?

Dubliner Lewis Kenny is a recent graduate and part-time poet, and like many in his situation he’s fed up of hunting for jobs and not finding any joy.

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While lamenting the countless rejection letters he’s received, Lewis decided to re-write Eminem’s Stan into a ‘poem for the unemployed’, and it’s pretty great.

The original:

The remix:





Call me crazy but I think Lewis Kenny from Dublin just wrote a better song than Eminem? I mean OK Eminem basically hooked him up with the whole outline and flow of the song but still, that is an A+ re-write. Way more relatable than Eminem’s original too — everyone knows that job hunting is the absolute worst.

I tried to rap it along to the beat and Lewis has definitely taken some liberties with the amount of syllables he uses in some lines. Still, fire remix.

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