Eminem Is Mad At Netflix For Cancelling ‘The Punisher’

Eminem The Punisher

Me too pal.

Even though a load of us saw it coming for obvious reasons, we were all pretty pissed off at the start of the week when Netflix announced that they were cancelling their awesome ‘The Punisher’ series.

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It turns out that it wasn’t just us plebs that were pretty upset about it either as none other than Eminem decided to contribute his feelings to the announcement by wading in with the following comments on his Twitter account:

Well I mean, you can’t argue with that can you because it’s a completely sick show,  but do you think Eminem voicing his opinions about it is going to change the outcome? Almost certainly not because money talks and Netflix don’t want to be promoting Marvel properties when Marvel have their own streaming platform starting up soon, but that also doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the end for these properties as Marvel might resurrect them when their own service gets set up and is inevitably successful. We can only hope this is the case, as can Eminem.

Tweeting about The Punisher is undoubtedly going to make Eminem even more relatable and cool when it comes to his audience.

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