Eminem Has Issued A Rare Apology For Leaked P Diddy Diss Track


A guy like Eminem pretty much takes shots at anyone in the public eye in most of his songs (or cyphers or whatever you wanna call them) and you kinda expect him not to give a fuck about it, but he’s taken the rare step of issuing an apology to P Diddy after a diss track about him was leaked.

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The alternative verse for Eminem’s track ‘Bang’ emerged earlier this week, with Eminem starting off praising Diddy but then took aim at his TV network REVOLT saying the following: ‘‘F*ck REVOLT / Y’all are like a f*cked up remote / Now I get it why our button’s broke’. Spicy. Also kinda weird that P.Diddy has a television network.

Anyway, REVOLT didn’t take too kindly to this and posted the following meme on Instagram:


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Now back to our movement. ✊🏿

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Lol. Talk about touchy. It got the desired result though as Eminem himself came out and said the following:

Wow. Never thought I would see the day. Guess 2020 is full of surprises hey?

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