Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Armpit Hair In New Photoshoot, Officially Brings Hairy Armpits Into Fashion


Emily Ratajkowski is on a mission to bring back armpit hair, as per her photo shoot/personal essay in Harper’s Bazaar.

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It might not be what most people find conventionally attractive, but it’s all about just getting used to it. Right? Right?

Well I don’t know about you but I know a trend when I see one, and Emily Ratajkowski has officially made armpit hair the must-have look for this summer and beyond. Yes indeed, armpit hair is officially in fashion.

Here’s some of the reaction:

Can’t please everyone I suppose.

Doesn’t matter though – armpit hair is back with a bang. Now all Emily Ratajkowski has to do is go back through her old photos and Photoshop some armpit hair into them:

For the time feminists got pissed because Wonder Woman didn’t have any armpit hair, click HERE. Time for a remake starring Emily?


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