Porn Star Elle Brooke Shagged The Hell Out Of Oli McBurnie After He Scored The Winner Against West Ham Last Friday

Not a bad weekend for Oli McBurnie.

It was a pretty good weekend for Sheffield United star Oli McBurnie after he scored the winner against West Ham at Bramall Lane on Friday.

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Not only did he score the winning goal, he was also Tweeted at by UK porn star Elle Brooke suggesting she was going to congratulate him with some porn star sex:

The world waited with baited breath for Oli’s reply. In the end he confirmed that indeed, he was up for shagging a porn star:

You might be thinking to yourself – this is in no way proof that Oli McBurnie actually shagged Elle Brooke (or vice versa in all likelihood). Well that’s where you would be wrong because as we all know football fans never lie and there was a whole bunch of Sheffield United fans chanting that Oli was shagging Elle:

See? It has to be true.

A very good weekend indeed:

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