This Elevator Robbery Is One Of The Most Terrifying Things I’ve Ever Seen (VIDEO)

Just a casual reminder that there are people out there who will do this to you.

This CCTV footage is out of Philadelphia over in the States and features a 30-year-old female getting stabbed and robbed by an unknown male, so don’t watch the footage if it’s going to upset you too much.

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The messed up thing is this lady actually waits for the guy to make his way inside the elevator before hitting the buttons. Once that happens, he pulls a knife on her while demanding money, then stabs her while going through her pockets.

The girl was treated for stab wounds which thankfully weren’t life-threatening — but man, just imagine being in this situation:

Fuck me. Just straight up terrifying to know there’s people like this roaming the streets, isn’t it? I’m actually just posting this out of sheer terror. Just as a friendly reminder that there’s people out there who will stab you and rob you in an elevator, no questions asked.

I mean of course the area this happened in is probably a massive crime-ridden shithole but still, you’ve got to keep your wits about you. No holding elevator doors open for shifty-looking individuals. Hopefully this guy gets locked the fuck up sooner rather than later.

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