Watch This Elephant’s Explosive Diarrhea Shower A Bunch Of People Standing Behind It (VIDEO)

Oh my god that’s disgusting.

A constipated elephant at the Samui Elephant Sanctuary was being treated with an enema, a procedure where liquid is injected into the rectum in order to expel its contents, when suddenly it unleashed a shower of shit onto the people standing behind it.

If you thought you were having a bad day, just watch this:

Yikes! No gloves. No shield or mask. Just straight up elephant shit in your face, nostrils, hair and mouth and there was absolutely nothing those poor souls could do about it.

How is it even possible to forget about something like that happening to you? The feeling of warm poop splashing across your face, the smell lingering around you everywhere you go. Someday these two will be chilling on a beach in a country miles away sipping some cocktails and boom – the stench of elephant poop will just pop up out of nowhere to haunt them for the rest of their lives. There’s just no getting away from it when you’re dealing with this level of trauma.

Anyway, thought and prayers with them regardless. May they have some type of relief in their lives at some point.

To watch an Instagram model get ruthlessly molested by an elephant while on safari, click HERE. These buggers know exactly what they’re doing.


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