Electrocuting Your Face Can Be Cool

Electrocute Face

Sending electric shocks in to any part of you is silly to say the least. But if it looks cool – go for it.

Electrocute Face

There’s a lot of weird stuff goes on in Japan as we all know.  I guess there’s a lot of weird stuff going on everywhere, but Japan does seem to be somewhat of a hot spot for mentalism. Before I show you someone electrocuting them self and their friends for fun, here are a couple of examples of Japanese weirdness to warm you up. First up: the God Jesus Robot for you to sample, I am unclear what they were trying to achieve with this, but I reckon they’ve nailed it:

God Jesus Robot

And here’s our good time pal Obama. Again, I’m not sure why they felt the need to do this. What’s this toy’s demographic? We’ll never know:

Japanese ObamaAnyway, what I’m leading up to is one of those rare occasions when something painful and stupid actually ended up cool. This video shows Daito Manabe and three of his friends sending perfectly timed electric shocks in to their facial muscles to match up in synchrony with a little electro ditty. I love it, and so you will. Watch out for the guy top right trying to smile through the spasms – Asian Gold:

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