‘Electric Sexy Drum Pants’ Looks Like The Best Instrument Ever Invented

Trouser music

Only in Japan.

A Japanese multimedia artist and experimental pop composer, who goes by the name ‘Kaoring Machine’ has combined percussion with sexual acts, to create the world’s first ‘Electric Sexy Drum Pants’. Yes, you read that right.

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This guy has actually spent a good deal of his time creating the trousers, which include a synth drum trigger for the crotch which links up to a computer. The other day he uploaded the demonstration video, which sort of explains everything while not explaining anything, all at the same time.

Right. Cool. So it’s quite literally what he said – Electric Sexy Drum Pants. Not really much explanation as to why we need this invention or what it will be used for, but it’s pretty cool, I guess. It’s one of those completely useless and yet kind of cool inventions. Doubt it will be used anywhere though, unless you want to get arrested while making music.

To listen to the most insane musical instrument of all time, click HERE.


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