Elderly Man Returns Mobile Phone To Shop As It Doesn’t Follow His Command To Find Nude Pictures Of Children

Elderly Man Phone

It doesn’t work like that, man.

As an older person, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the constant stream of updated technology that is being paraded around, but you would think that common sense would dictate that nobody is going to release a tool that will make it easier to obtain pictures of naked children.

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Not so, as 79 year old Frederick Cunningham was so convinced that he could simply ask his phone for these photographs and they would appear, that he took it back to the Carphone Warehouse in Grimsby to complain that it was broken when it failed to complete the task.

Cunningham reportedly walked into the store and told them that the phone wasn’t responding to his requests to access websites. When the employee asked him to demonstrate this, he spoke ‘nude children’ into the phone to illustrate his problem. He then did this again when the shocked employee brought their boss along to see what was going on.

Old Man phoneOld Man phone

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The Carphone Warehouse obviously reported Cunningham to the police and when they showed up they discovered  261 sexually explicit images of children – including babies and toddlers – and 29 photos of bestiality. He was jailed for nine months and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for ten months.

What an absolutely sick old man, but it kinda makes you concerned that he would never have been caught if he wasn’t so stupid and senile. Also kinda makes you think what kind of planet he must think on to go and do that kind of thing in front of normal people in a phone shop? Completely bizarre.

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