An Elderly Couple Refused To Move Out Of A Pregnant Woman’s Reserved Seats On A Train


It pretty much goes without saying that there’s nothing worse in this country than when you have to get the train from say Manchester to London and it’s absolutely rammo and there aren’t any seats but if you’ve got the wherewithal to reserve your seats ahead of time then you really do deserve that seat you get – until some prick decides to sit in it and refuse to move.

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Normally people are pretty embarrassed when you’re sitting in their seat and are just playing the odds with the hope that you don’t turn up, but sometimes they act like absolute knobs akin to the guys in this post. The couple pictured above refused to move their seats on the train from Cheltenham to Nottingham, despite the fact that they were hogging the seats of a 37 year old pregnant woman and her three young children.

Amanda Mancino-Williams posted a photo of the pair to her Twitter account and the story quickly went viral:

I mean she presented that pretty well didn’t she? I can imagine so many people @’ed her being all like ‘you’re awful not letting your kids stand up for these elderly people’, but that’s not really the point is it? They just took the seats and refused to even acknowledge the people who had clearly pre purchased them in advance.

It sounds as if the kids probably would have stood up for them as well if it had been the other way round, but unfortunately they never got to that point in the conversation due to the fact that they were stuck up dickheads about it. Hate to see people like that – hopefully the viral nature of this post will help to educate people about what dickheads they’re being when they do stuff like this.

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