Little Kid Dresses Up As El Hadji Diouf And Is Branded A Racist

El Hadji Diouf Kid Dress Up

It’s only January 3rd and the stupidest misunderstanding of the year might have already happened, and predictably it involves football, twitter, racism, El Hadji Diouf and the Daily Mail, Is there a more deadly combination?

El Hadji Diouf Kid Dress Up

Thanks to Pickled Jhon for pointing this one out to me. I don’t know why he couldn’t write about it himself but I guess he’s busy playing cricket or being a bender on twitter for his real job or something. Anyway, this all went down yesterday but I had the day off so couldn’t write about it, so sorry if you already heard about it yeah? So yeah, on Tuesday when I finally woke up I saw this picture of some kid with El Hadji Diouf (another absolute bender but not quite as bent as Pickled Jhon) where the kid had dressed up as El Hadji Diouf. I probably thought something along the lines of ‘wow that’s kinda cute that the kid dressed up as El Hadji Diouf but also VERY tragic that this kid actually thinks that El Hadji Diouf is a cool guy that it’s worth dressing up as.’ I mean even aside from all that spitting stuff and the fact that he just seems to be a dickhead in every game he plays, the fact that he once cost Liverpool £10 million but now plays for Leeds doesn’t really make him a good choice for a role model career wise either, does it? Still, I guess he has a cool hairstyle and that spiky attitude that kids love but really, even when I was 15 or whatever I still kinda thought he was a twat. Here’s a better look at the picture:

El Hadji Diouf Little Lookalike

Anyway, I saw this picture and didn’t really pay any mind to it other than the brief thought process that went through my head that I described earlier – some kid had dressed up as El Hadji Diouf, big deal, whatever. If I had spent a little longer looking at the picture though I might have spotted a real reason to check it out a bit more because the kid had actually blacked himself up to look more like El Hadji Diouf as he himself was actually a little whiteboy. Ok, yeah, no big deal either right, except it’s kinda funny. Wrong, this isn’t the episode of Mad Men where Roger Stirling gets married to his secretary and does a performance piece where he blacks up at his wedding so he wasn’t gonna get away with it  because he was depicting a different time period where it was acceptable, and instead there was gonna be a massive outcry and he was gonna get ruthlessly trolled on twitter and called a racist, wasn’t he? Yeah, you got it, of course he was. Man, you gotta love those trolls. Do you think their new year’s resolution was to troll more vulnerable and ridiculous targets than last year? Probably judging by this incident.

And of course it’s the Daily Mail’s job to write articles about them that don’t really condemn how stupid calling a 10 year old kid a racist because he dressed up as his favourite footballer actually is but instead is written in a tone that seemingly agrees with that attitude. I can’t actually find many screen grabs of people trolling the kid (I think his twitter account has actually been deleted) but here’s a couple commenting on the picture in typically retarded fashion. They aren’t actually that bad though (maybe I could have found some better ones yesterday if I had bothered to work though) and I assume that it’s probably just the Daily Mail making a mountain over a molehill again (can I say that? Is it racist?) and in fairness when doing real time twitter searches  right now most people seem to be of my disposition that this is already a forerunner for one of the stupidest misunderstandings of 2013.  I can’t really be bothered to screengrab any of those tweets though as they aren’t as funny as these ones that are just completely stupid:

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El Hadji Diouf Blacking Up Twitter Screengrab 1

El Hadji Diouf Blacking Up Twitter Screengrab 2

El Hadji Diouf Blacking Up Twitter Screengrab 3

El Hadji Diouf Blacking Up Twitter Screengrab 4

El Hadji Diouf Blacking Up Twitter Screengrab 5

El Hadji Diouf Blacking Up Twitter Screengrab 6
El Hadji Diouf Blacking Up Twitter Screengrab 7

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Ok so yeah, none of these were actually that bad but you can still see that a lot of people were talking about it and the fact that a bunch of people tweeted a 10 year old and called him a racist is kind of distressing considering he just wanted to dress up as his favourite player. I mean surely if he wants to dress up as his favourite player and BLACKS UP to do it he is probably the least racist person in the country, as a real racist would probably have a white skinhead as his favourite player and would probably move to St Petersburg so they could support Zenit and hang out with loads of other racist fans, right? I know racism is a problem but surely it would be less of a problem if people didn’t get their knickers in a twist about dumb stuff like this.

Like I said I couldn’t find the kid’s twitter account (I didn’t look that hard to be fair though) but the Daily Mail said he had to post the following tweets explaining his actions, which again (aside from the spelling, but come on give the guy a break he’s 10) imply that he’s 100% not a racist and was just a 10 year old kid dressing up. Some people huh?

‘Some pl on here think im racist for going todays game fancy dress loke diouf he loves it all the players do loads of fand been taking pic. Im a big leeds fan and love diouf. I didnt realise i wud get this much attention thanks for your comments but im gonna watch rest of match now. Just to let u know that the makeup and hairstuff i was wearing was from a fancy dress shop and washed straight off am now in my pjs.’

Phew, glad he’s at home in his PJ’s and not being beaten up by anti-racist campaigners on the streets of Leeds somewhere. Get a grip yeah?

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