El Chapo’s Sons Are Enforcing Lockdown By Threatening To Torture Anyone Violating Curfew

Better precautions than over here?

Whilst most people agree that lockdown is probably a necessary evil at this point, the fact is that most of us are flouting the rules every now and again to go and sit in the park with a can with our mates and this probably isn’t helping the situation and this is at least in part down to the government’s inability to enforce strict quarantine restrictions.

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Whether or not this is a good thing is up for debate, but over in the cartel controlled Mexican city of Culiacán El Chapo’s sons are enforcing the lockdown with threats of torture should anyone break it. A trick 10pm curfew has been introduced and anyone caught on the streets breaking it without a good reason are subjected to fines, arrests or boardings, where they are beaten up with wooden planks.

Several videos have emerged online showing heavily armed men patrolling the streets in muscle cars looking for people to make an example of on social media. Here’s one of them and the translated audio underneath:

After ten o’clock at night, all the people must be inside their homes due to the coronavirus, otherwise they will be punished, these are orders from above (from Los Chapitos).

This is no game, we’re not playing.

Scary. However, it doesn’t sound like the residents of Culiacán are that bothered by it as they say that it’s pretty much regular life for them in a city that has been controlled by the cartel for the past ten years.

Here’s what one resident had to say about it:

They say if 10 years of war haven’t killed us, a virus isn’t going to. We’ve been living 10 years in quarantine.

It’s not hard to stay home anymore.

Sounds like an absolutely terrifying place to live, although you can argue that they’re doing a better job of restricting the spread of Coronavirus than we have been over here. Whoever thought a drug cartel would be responsible for saving lives hey? 2020 – the year of paradoxes.

For more of the same, check out this footage of El Chapo escaping from his jail cell. Crazy.


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